Gaia Passarelli

Gaia Passarelli

Freelance writer in São Paulo

A music journalist turned video host turned travel writer. With a long career in Brazilian media, I write about female and solo travel in South America and Europe.

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Screen shot 2016 03 18 at 11.10.54 am article

The top 9 street food dishes of Sao Paulo and where to find them ...

Hamburger at Lanchonete do Seu Oswaldo and other delicacies.

Latinhasportuguesasgaiapassarelli article

Muito além do bacalhau: oito delícias portuguesas - Matador Brasil

Menos bacalhau e vinho verde. Mais embutidos e frutos do mar.

6049744741 d65315d3ef b article

15 sinais de que você nasceu e foi criado em São Paulo

15 sinais de que você nasceu e foi criado em São Paulo. por Gaía Passarelli. maio 19, 2014. [Gringo? Don't worry, you can read this in English at ......

Sadhya 600x314 article

10 coisas que você só pode fazer no Kerala - Matador Brasil

Com comida, roupas, calendário e língua própria, o Kerala difere tanto e em tantas coisas do resto do país que é um país a parte.

Brasieirosouvemnagringa article

As coisas que brasileiros ouvem na gringa. - Matador Brasil

“Eu AMO música brasileira!”

Lapaz bolivia matador seo article

How to piss off your local bookseller - Matador Network

“I want a book…from that author…the title has ‘wind’ in it…or was it ‘hand’? I don’t know, but it was on TV last week, the author is a man, the cover is white…or maybe yellow.”

Kattenstoet belgium matador seo 600x507 article

9 essential destinations for cat lovers - Matador Network

AFTER SEX, cat stuff is the most popular thing on the interwebs.

Sao2 paulo brazil matador seo 600x397 article

How people party in Brazil - Matador Network

IT’S 3PM ON any given Sunday in São Paulo, and I’m walking with my friend Bianca, a paulistana of Italian heritage like myself, through the Largo do Arouche — São Paulo’s wild downtown.

Brazil cachorro matador seo 600x450 article

The Brazilian approach to hot dogs (and pizza and burgers)

The cachorro-quente stand is the Brazilian equivalent of London or New York’s food trucks, always planted outside metro stations, busy bus stops, college dorms, and bustling commercial streets selling hot dogs.

Cuzcuz br article

11 of the best Brazilian foods you've probably never tasted

Forget the hotel buffet and go track down these babies in the streets!

Dumb questions brazilians are asked 600x398 article

13 ways people react when you say you're from Brazil

"Awesome! It’s #1 on my bucket list!”

Rapanui2014 29 600x400 article

9 things you can only do on Easter Island - Matador Network

An immersion into an unexplored culture, where you can ride a horse all the way up a volcano and hear stories about the Birdman religion and sacred ceremonies.

06 brazil matador seo 600x337 article

7 places gringos love to visit in Brazil

... and why they're mostly right.

Culturally brazilian article

9 ways you know you've become culturally Mexican matadornetwork ...

1. You can’t live without your daily dose of novelas. And you got over that nonsense about local soap operas being a valuable window for the country’s heart. They’re just fun as fuck.

Brazil party 940x626 article

This is what you must know before partying in Brazil

No one arrives on time. Never. Ever. Arriving at 10pm at a party is the best way to announce your gringoness.